Kazuhito Tanaka - Untitled Composition 2

Untitled Composition 2

by Kazuhito Tanaka

Size: H36.4 x W29 in (H92.5 x W74 cm)
Not Framed
Year: 2011
digital chromogenic print
Delivery Time : 2-3 weeks

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Maki Fine Arts
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Kazuhito Tanaka "Untitled Composition" series at the exhibition.

Physically collaged paper like a digitally collaged image.
At the first glance, colored squares are beautifully designed on one image. It may look like a digitally collaged work, although it consists of several papers physically laid on the desk.  The colored papers were printed by scanning the drawings left in an abolished school and extremely reducing the resolution of the image. As you carefully see in detail, you will notice that one paper is covering the other and notice that this is a photograph capturing a physical object. It may be nonsense for our eyes to discern what is digital and what is physical in this era. But we enjoy searching details to find it out what we are seeing.

Shadow leaving a sense of time.
Tanaka has settled all colored papers with deep consideration. But there is another hidden element making this work unique. That is the shadow (and sunlight) laid over the image. Long shadows and soft sunlight give us a sense of time which may be in a late afternoon. The time was captured on the paper which was originally a drawing created in the past. Although the shadows were intentionally included in the work, Tanaka left a happenstance how it will appear in the work. Tanaka chose photograph as a medium since there are some uncontrollable affects appears in the print and it makes the work more exciting. Shadow is a happenstance stimulating the work.

Someone's memory melting into yours.
Tanaka visited an abolished school and scanned drawings left on the wall of a classroom. He digitally reduced the resolution of the image in extremely low level and printed on a paper. Then he put them on a school desk to photograph it. The original drawing is someone's memory which is too personal to share. But once it is reprinted as a colored paper and photographed, you may observing it without rejecting the image, judging by whether you knew it or not. We are sharing the unemotional part of someone's memory which is describe in simple colors. Would it be appropriate to call this as a memory anymore? Just someone's colors are melting in your mind.

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